Are thermal waters good for you?
Benefits of a thermal holiday at Terme Merano

We all know that a thermal holiday is healthy. This has also been scientifically proven for the water at Terme Merano. But science and the soul speak different languages…
Today, we let 7 Wosching Haus guests have their say and tell us why they would never want to do without a wellness holiday in Merano again.

"I was able to breathe freely again for the first time"
How it feels: Are thermal waters good for you? I personally liked the thermal water pool because it was so quiet, and I could just drift away in the water. I also immediately felt the beneficial effect on my airways. I was able to breathe freely again for the first time. After this first experience in the thermal pool, I also booked inhalations with thermal water, which did me a lot of good.
The science behind it: Why are the Merano thermal baths so healthy? This can be scientifically explained: they are rich in radon, fluorine and rare metals. This makes the water particularly suitable for the treatment of respiratory and rheumatic diseases. It has a pain-relieving and calming effect.

"My skin felt nourished and softer"
How it feels: The saltwater pool is pleasantly warm, not too hot, but just right. The entrance is in the indoor area, but then you swim straight outside. I spent the whole time at the massage jets. The results surprised me: my skin felt softer and more nourished. Dry patches disappeared and are no longer itching.
The science behind it: In the right concentration, salt water has an anti-inflammatory, cleansing and disinfecting effect. Potassium, iron, zinc and magnesium help with dry skin, acne, eczema and other skin conditions.

"My blood pressure normalised and I was full of energy again"
How it feels: First you have to get into the hot pool. You really notice how your whole body relaxes and you start to sweat a little. Then it's off to the cold pool. I have to say, it's an effort, but it's worth it: my blood pressure normalised and I was full of energy again. I haven't felt this fit for a long time.
The science behind it: A Kneipp course is part of every good spa holiday. The alternating baths have many benefits, including the regulation of blood pressure. Alternating hot and cold stimuli make the blood vessels elastic and adaptable again.

"It's a form of exercise that's easy on my joints"
How it feels: I love the water. Nowhere else do I feel so light and free. It's almost like flying. Especially as you get older, water can give you a whole new perspective on physical exercise. It's a form of movement that's easy on my joints. That's why I always go swimming in the Merano thermal baths when I'm on holiday at Wosching Haus.
The science behind it: Swimming is a particularly gentle form of exercise that trains the cardiovascular system as well as the joints and muscles. It is recommended for back and neck pain, for example. It also has a positive effect on the psyche.

"I was finally able to switch off completely"
How it feels: The indoor relaxation room is an oasis of calm. You can easily forget the time on the ergonomic loungers. I also love the thermal park in summer. Strolling between palm trees and the scent of roses, relaxing on a bench in the shade and just observing - I was finally able to switch off completely.
The science behind it: The spa benefits in Merano go beyond the water: spending time outdoors in nature has countless positive effects on the body and mind. At a time when everyday life is becoming increasingly hectic, it is particularly important to take time for breaks and reduce sensory stimuli for a while.

"My muscle tensions were blown away"
How it feels: What does thermal water do for you? For me, the whirlpool is one of the highlights of Terme Merano. Even I don't get cold in the 34°C water, whereas I’m usually the one to complain about cold feet. What's more, my muscle tensions were blown away. The many small air bubbles massage my body in a gentle and pleasant way.
The science behind it: A bath in the whirlpool not only relaxes the muscles, but also promotes blood circulation, improves lymphatic drainage, and ensures a better supply of nutrients. Visitors report that they feel noticeably less stressed.

"I appreciate the positive effect on the immune system"
How it feels: Let me tell you, the thermal spring water benefits are exponentially higher when you also go to the sauna. I love the scent in the South Tyrolean bio hay sauna and the infusions in the new honey steam bath. From a health perspective, I appreciate the stimulating effect on the immune system. Afterwards, I also like to relax in my nearby spa apartment at Wosching Haus.
The science behind it: A sauna session, if done correctly, is almost a panacea: it strengthens the cardiovascular and immune systems, lowers blood pressure, clears the airways, and makes the body feel lighter through detoxification.

So, what do they do in a spa? At the Merano thermal baths, apart from the thermal water with its proven effects, it is the many precious moments of well-being, the unforgettable impressions and feelings, the scents and flavours, the memories and experiences that you get to take home that inspire the guests at Wosching Haus to come again and again for a luxurious spa holiday at Terme Merano.

To let these impressions and the healing effects of the various treatments sink in, it is best to sleep right next to the thermal baths during your holiday. The Wosching Haus spa apartments are a popular holiday home for a thermal holiday in Merano, and not just because of their position. The accommodation in independent, fully equipped flats also offers the best conditions for a peaceful and relaxing wellness holiday in total privacy.




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