Spa treatments at the Merano Thermal Baths
5 highlights in your thermal holiday at the Italian spa town

Do you know this too? You treat yourself to a holiday for the first time in a while and then return home more stressed than before? You have just ticked off one to-do after another and hardly allowed yourself a real break? Then it's time to finally treat yourself to a time-out that brings lasting relaxation. Swap the city noise for soothing silence, sensory overload for pleasantly subdued light, and a busy routine for undisturbed moments of well-being.
Nowhere does this work better than during your spa holiday in Italy at the Merano thermal baths - where burbling water meets fragrant steam and rich essences, where you can simply let go, take a deep breath, and abandon every thought.
We would like to recommend 5 spa treatments in particular. Use your wellness retreat in Italy to try out one or more of these thermal treatments and we promise you that from now on you won't want to miss out on a visit to Terme Merano on any of your holidays in South Tyrol.

My Feel-good day
Admittedly: all your days in Merano are feel-good days, whether you are relaxing in our thermal baths in Italy, taking a leisurely stroll through the town, or exploring the surrounding mountains. Nevertheless, we must say a few words about this spa treatment, which promises total well-being and relaxation:
During a South Tyrolean mountain hay bath, you will notice the regenerating effect of our Alpine herbs and feel as if you were lying in the middle of a South Tyrolean flower meadow. A pleasantly spicy fragrance fills the air, and your skin is naturally nourished. This is followed by a 50-minute full-body relaxation massage with aromatic South Tyrolean herbal oil, which you can choose according to your individual needs. Your feel-good day ends with a 2-hour entry to the pool area of Terme Merano.

Special for Two
There's just something about treating yourself to a special day for two during your thermal holiday in Merano. The "Special for Two" includes everything that newly-in-love couples (and all those who are still in love) need to leave all thoughts behind for half a day, fully enjoy the moment and rediscover the beautiful sides of life:
Firstly, the two of you climb into a bubbling whirlpool bath together. Gently rising water bubbles relax the muscles and revitalise the metabolism. Genuine South Tyrolean essences have an additional healing effect - not to mention the heavenly fragrance.
Afterwards, you continue with a massage with warm lava stones. The stones are heated to approx. 55 degrees Celsius. By placing them on the body and using special massage techniques with the stones, the heat and aromatic oils penetrate deep into the body, where they have a relaxing and antispasmodic effect.
Of course, this is followed again by a two-hour stay in the pool area of Terme Merano.

Pool Suites Magic Moments & Massage
No healthy holiday is complete without the pinnacle of spa treatments: a stay in the luxurious Pool Suites at Terme Merano. We are convinced that if Empress Sissi were to visit the spa town again today, she would certainly not miss out on this highlight!
The Pool Suites are modern luxury rooms with a view of the indoor pool area, equipped with a waterbed, whirlpool, steam bath and bathroom, which can be booked privately; a special retreat in complete privacy for you and your favourite person. A bottle of South Tyrolean sparkling wine, flavoured water, and fresh fruit, as well as bath salts and packs for free use will be provided. Massages and treatments can be added to the package as desired - making this spa treatment a personalised experience.
After your stay in the Pool Suites, you can enjoy a full day in the pool and sauna area.

Pool day with beauty
Short on time? Or just fancy a little break? Then a visit to the water world of the Merano thermal baths is just the thing for you.
For two or three hours, or even for a whole day, you have access to the most diverse pool area in South Tyrol. The indoor and outdoor areas include a saltwater pool, thermal water pool, various whirlpools and a Kneipp course, a spring water bath, and the chlorine-free Bio Nature Pool. The extensive thermal park is a wonderful place to relax and stroll, whereas the sauna area is the best place to sweat out all toxins, for example at the new South Tyrolean honey steam bath. And don't miss the exclusive relaxation room with waterbeds and starry sky!
Afterwards, the experts in the beauty area will make sure that even your evening entry is a success - with short pampering treatments such as manicures, pedicures, or a solarium session. Just lean back and let them take care of you…

Therapeutic thermal bath
A wellness retreat in Italy is more than just relaxing. The spa treatments at Terme Merano, one of the best health resorts in northern Italy, turn your stay into a true health holiday. Merano's thermal water is rich in radon, fluorine and rare metals and gases. It has a proven health-promoting effect on respiratory diseases and rheumatic joint complaints.
If you would like to treat yourself to a therapeutic thermal bath at Terme Merano, you will be professionally supervised by a doctor. You also take the baths individually so that you can relax completely undisturbed.
If you want to breathe deeply and freely again, we recommend inhalations with thermal water - for a particularly intensive healing effect on the respiratory tract. You are guaranteed to leave your companions behind on your next mountain tour 😉

A few lines are not enough to do justice to the comprehensive wellness programme at the Merano thermal baths. Too many special moments, unique treatments and exclusive wellness experiences await you. A thermal holiday in Merano is so much more than just water, oils, and touch. It is an experience that literally gets under your skin, touches your heart, and fulfils long-cherished wishes.
You can finally fulfil this desire for peace, quietness, and freedom at the end of the day - when you retreat to your luxurious apartment at Wosching Haus just a few hundred metres from Terme Merano for a good night's sleep and let the impressions of the day sink in. In short, this is the way to living well!




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