5 romantic experiences around Merano, Italy
Starting point: our romantic hotel in Merano

There are moments in life when only you and your favourite person count. You forget everything else around you and live fully in the moment. You look deep into each other's eyes, time seems to stand still and you feel like you're in a dream. Now, in this very moment, everything is perfect.

Do you know what experiences trigger such feelings in the guests of our romantic hotel in Merano? We'll tell you...

Glistening winter: Christmas markets and thermal baths

It's cold outside, but the fire of love is burning in your hearts. On a romantic getaway in Italy in winter, a visit to the Christmas markets is a must. Hand in hand, you stroll past brightly lit and fragrant market stalls, savour a tasty treat or two and sip a steaming mulled wine. Christmas music plays softly in the background. Afterwards, you relax for two or three hours in the famous thermal baths of Merano, where you benefit from discounted admission fees as a guest of Wosching Haus. Between thermal pools, sauna and treatments, even winter-cold hands and feet will quickly warm up again.

Blossoming spring: Gardens of Trauttmansdorff

Budding love? Celebrate it with a romantic holiday in Italy in spring. As the days get longer and the sun shines more often, not only the gardens, flowerbeds, promenades, and parks in and around Merano blossom, but also the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff. Where the Austrian empress Sisi once strolled, there is now a 12-hectare, multi-award-winning botanical garden. Admire flowers and trees from all over the world, friendly animals, and exciting adventure stations. If you fancy a break or a little refreshment, sit down together at the café by the water lily pond and enjoy an ice cream.

Mediterranean summer: stroll through the town and dinner under the arcades

In the hotter months, locals and holidaymakers seek refuge in the shade of the many green spaces in and around Merano. The Tappeinerweg path offers heavenly views over the spa town and the surrounding mountains. Closer to the town, you can stroll along the cool Gilf Promenade or along the sunny Passer Promenade with its benches in the shade. What you absolutely shouldn’t miss on a romantic holiday in Italy? A stroll through the charming old town of Merano with its dreamy alleyways, medieval houses, and cosy restaurants. Our tip: an open-air dinner under the arcades in our partner restaurant Roemerkeller, where you can even dine at a reduced price with the Roemer Guest Card!

Golden autumn: concerts at the Kurhaus

One of the best places to stay in Italy for couples who love art and culture is Merano in autumn. When the streets smell of freshly roasted chestnuts, the new wine is tasted during the Törggelen tradition and the past harvest season is celebrated with food, drinks, and music at the many festivals in the city and the surrounding villages, the Kurhaus once again invites you to a series of classical concerts. As part of the Südtirol Festival (formerly Meraner Musikwochen), some of the best orchestras in the world perform every year. However, the Kurhaus, with one of the most beautiful Art Nouveau concert halls in Europe, is a spectacle all year round and regularly hosts a wide variety of events.

Always a pleasure: wine tastings

Sweet and golden, tangy and fresh or velvety and full-bodied... How do you like your wine best? New lovers would say it tastes best while looking into the eyes of their better half. Our romantic hotel in Italy is a partner of two excellent addresses for wine lovers: the Merano Winery not far from Wosching Haus and the Rametz Castle Winery near Trauttmansdorff. Both offer personalised experiences for wine connoisseurs and beginners alike. Rametz Castle also offers a very special gourmet experience to the guests of its exclusive restaurant.

But do you know what the best thing is? Retreating to your own luxurious apartment afterwards, watching the sun set over Merano and reflecting on the day together.
We want you to experience these and many more romantic places in Italy around our romantic hotel in Merano. All you have to do is decide when you would like to visit us at Wosching Haus.