Typical Alpine dishes from South Tyrol
What to eat in the restaurants in and around Merano

Traditional South Tyrolean cuisine has evolved from the peasants’ cooking. Today, however, the term "peasant cuisine" is no longer suitable to describe the large variety of - now world-famous - South Tyrolean and Alpine specialties that hobby gourmets and real connoisseurs should try on a holiday in the northernmost Italian province. However, these Alpine dishes taste best when you know when and where to try them. So, here comes our little gourmet guide to South Tyrol:

Classic autumn dish: risotto with chanterelles
When the leaves turn yellow, not only grapes and chestnuts ripen in South Tyrol, but mushrooms also sprout from the ground. Chanterelles are the tasty highlight of autumn, and South Tyrolean and Italian cuisine uses them masterfully in soups, rice, and pasta dishes. They taste best on an autumn hike along the Waalweg paths around Merano.

On a mountain hut: Kaiserschmarrn
Whether in winter or summer: on your return from a hike, a stop at a mountain inn is a must – there, you can enjoy the best Alpine food prepared just like back then. A fluffy Kaiserschmarrn with icing sugar and cranberry jam is just the reward you deserve after a long hike. Fork it up, take a bite and enjoy...

Light lunch in the warm season: asparagus platter
A quick lunch break at the swimming pool? Or a stop along the way during a pleasant walk in the Merano valley basin? Then you should go for a light dish. In spring and early summer, the best restaurants in Merano serve a plate of asparagus, boiled ham, potatoes, and original Bolzano sauce. Not to be missed!

If you want to take a peek into grandma's kitchen: barley soup
One of the typical northern Italian specialties is barley soup, a classic from grandma's kitchen. Take everything that strengthens and warms and throw it into a pot: barley, potatoes, kidney beans, carrots, bacon, and smoked meat – and your South Tyrolean barley soup is (almost) ready. This masterful composition is particularly tasty in winter and is a complete meal on a plate.

On your favourite mountain peak: Speckbrettl
On your gourmet tour to Italy, you can’t miss out on the Speckbrettl (bacon platter). It is best enjoyed at the end of a wonderful hike in Merano and environs. You can get all the ingredients in the specialty shops in Merano: crunchy flat bread, original South Tyrolean bacon, Kaminwurzen sausages, South Tyrolean cheese, gherkins, horseradish, and fresh tomatoes.

For small appetites or as a starter: Schlutzkrapfen
Schlutzkrapfen are one of the most popular starters in Alpine restaurants. These half-round dumplings filled with spinach are a real treat when served with melted butter and Parmesan cheese. Our tip: Try them in one of our two Römerkeller restaurants in Merano, under the arcades or in Corso Libertà. We even have a small discount for you...

In the beer garden: roast beef with onions
The best Italian delicacies for meat lovers can be found in the beer gardens, for example in Corso Libertà in Merano. A luscious roast beef with onions consists of several slices of the best roast beef, served with meat sauce and roasted onions. A South Tyrolean onion roast beef provides a real explosion of flavour and satisfies even the hungriest of holidaymakers at the end of a long day of activities.

Winter favourite: goulash with dumplings
One of the most famous Alpine dishes is goulash with bacon dumplings. We love this savoury meat dish especially in winter, for example at the romantic Merano Christmas market. If you can't make it to Merano at Christmas time, we serve a tasty goulash with dumplings in our Römerkeller restaurants at any time of year.

After a long bike tour: Bauerngröstl
After several hours on your bike, chances are your stomach is growling. In this case, treat yourself to a filling "Bauerngröstl" before returning to Wosching Haus: these are small pieces of beef served with golden roasted potato slices. We can guarantee that afterwards, you'll feel fit again for your next cycling or hiking tour!

This one always fits: apple strudel with vanilla ice cream
No gourmet travel to Italy would be complete without a good dessert! An apple strudel with a sweet scoop of vanilla ice cream (or optionally with vanilla sauce, cream... you get the idea) is perfect for any time of year and any occasion. The flavour of South Tyrolean mountain apples combined with the secret recipes of the farmers' wives have created a true masterpiece of indulgence... Be sure to try it!


Gourmet holidaymakers will find perfect conditions for enjoying Alpine wine and food at Wosching Haus: our apartments aren’t only located right in the centre of Merano and therefore close to the best specialty shops and restaurants of Merano, they also come with a fully equipped kitchen so that you can try out one or two recipes yourself.
And, as promised, here's a little extra for you: as a guest of Wosching Haus, you will receive the Roemer Guest Card, with which you can dine at a reduced price in all our Römerkeller gourmet restaurants (in Merano, Lagundo, Bolzano and Lana) and enjoy attractive discounts at the Merano Winery, the Merano Thermal Baths and the outdoor pools in Lana, Scena and Lagundo. Book now!



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